About the Journal

The International Journal of Applied Methods in Electronics and Computers (IJAMEC) is an academic journal that focuses on the application of methods in the fields of electronics and computers. Its aim is to examine how advanced technologies and innovative approaches are applied to electronic and computer systems, share research and developments, and encourage knowledge dissemination in this field.

IJAMEC provides an interdisciplinary platform for researchers, academics, and industry experts in the field of electronic engineering, computer science, and related areas to interact. The published articles concentrate on topics such as electronic system design, computer architecture, hardware and software integration, signal processing, image processing, artificial intelligence, internet of things, and similar subjects.

IJAMEC is committed to being a platform for high-quality and original research. Articles are evaluated based on ethical presentation of contributors' work and compliance with publication standards. The journal adopts an open access policy to ensure that the published articles are accessible to the international scientific community.

IJAMEC serves as a valuable resource for academics, researchers, and industry professionals who follow advancements in the fields of electronics and computers and value knowledge sharing in research and application areas.